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The compost of the garden


I am a house to rent, that’s true. For holidays. Though that doesn’t prevent me from being eco-friendly. My name is My All. I am a luxury home offering myself to rent for five days or two weeks. For two or sixteen people. 

And yet i have my compost at the back of my garden. Yes, i preserve environment...

Dream vacation, coronavirus
and Irma



But what is the connection between all of this, one might ask a little confused. Dream vacation, corona virus and storm Irma?

Well, you have to know, I'm an unusual house and ...

Hurricane Irma


I am a house. A dream house to rent on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. I was living a calm and happy life overlooking my white sandy beach.

I had barely emerged from the dreams of my designer, a Swiss businessman. I was preparing to live in the serenity created with my dear dreamer. When suddenly

Hurricane Irma is here

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are a gift from above. Heaven on Earth. The joie de vivre can be felt in the nature, the waves and the white sand. I can tell you, I live there.


Me? Me, I’m a house, a villa to rent, and not just anyone. I do have a little bit of an ego…Even if it does disappear before the beauty of the landscape that I overlook and that surrounds me. Come for a guided tour given by the owner…by the way the owner is you, for 5 to 15 days. It’s up to you…

The British Virgin Islands, to be precise

Luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure


As the painter would say, everything about me is nothing but luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure.


Me? I’m a dream house, people say. A dream house to rent. I’m not just a little proud of it. A house, you cry? Nooo, a universe all to myself! Come and see, my designer has even made me a site!

My name is My All.

Luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure, why?

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